Winter '19 Conceptual Development

JoJo Lee

Winter 2019 collection marks the genesis of The Land Of Naa as a commercial brand. The design elements of this collection centre around a blank minimalist aesthetic, with an oversized silhouette, a monochromatic black and white tonal range and an all natural fabric selection. 

The Land Of Naa Winter 19 tonal fabric range.


There is limited visual branding throughout the collection which represents a conscious movement away from trend-driven graphics and statement garments.

 ‘ The rise of brand labels has turned people into walking advertisements. The consequence of mass repetitive advertising has ceased to be a search for what is rare and refined and has instead become a pursuit of what is merely a sign of status instead of taste.’  - H.M Enzensberger, Funeral Oration on Fashions.

By having limited branding an opportunity becomes available for the customer to develop a personal visual language by creating an identity free from the ownership of statement and logo branding.

The design concepts for the collection has its roots in black and white minimalist art, photography and design. The collection draws inspiration from artists such as Frank Stella, notably his angular series of paintings using simple lines on the canvas, photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto’s monochromatic seascape images and abstract painter Ad Reinhardt's series of meticulously layered ‘Black’abstract minimalist paintings.

Inspiration: Ad Reinhardt painting in his New York studio, 1966.


Inspiration: Hiroshi Sugimoto, Lake Superior, Cascade River, 1995.


Inspiration: Frank Stella painting in his studio,1934.


The translation of these ideas onto physical garments involved developing upon the functional aspects of the inspired works and applying them into the developmental stages of garment construction and production.

The Land Of Naa Winter 2019 collection is on sale in June this year. 

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