The Dyeing Process

JoJo Lee

The Dyeing Process


The Land Of Naa Winter 19 collection features an exploration into the varied shades of monochromatic grayscale tones and oversized silhouettes. The fabric for this collection has been meticulously dyed to specific off black charcoal and grey tonal varieties.

The dying process for this collection is completed in a dye house in Indonesia. The dye house uses a process that is in line with the current ACCC product safety standards and does not involve the use of AZO dyes.

Raw black dye

'AZO-dyes are a family of dye groups that contain toxic compounds ranging from chlorine bleach to known carcinogens such as aryl amines which sweat into the skin after prolonged use.

Aromatic amines can migrate from clothing and leather articles and be absorbed through the skin where there is direct and prolonged contact. The amount of aromatic amines released can increase with body heat, sweat and saliva.'

The sample fabric is dyed to the desired tone and sent over for approval, the colours are meticulously cross-checked against the original tone and sent back either for approval or to be resampled.

The Land Of Naa Heavy Cotton Pants, Dyed in Dark Grey


Once the bulk fabric is dyed, the fabric is put through two hot-washes which also includes a colour-fastener. They are then hung up to dry for a day, then run through a hot roller to do a final colour-set.

The fabric is then sent to the manufacturers for construction.


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